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Will It Fit Me?

Determining your measurements & size

Fiorella Shapewear

1- Forget what you know

These garments are imported and have non-traditional sizing scales. When selecting a garment, trusting your sizing instincts can lead you astray. If you normally wear a medium and choose a medium, your bodyshaper may not fit. It is important that you refer to our sizing chart to ensure a proper fit. Each product in our website should have a sizing chart in the middle of the description, please refer to it, if the product doesn’t have a size chart it will have a guidance to choose size in the description.

2- Take correct measurements

Our bodies fluctuate in size more than we would like to admit, so it is vital to have the correct measurements of your waist and hips. Not having accurate numbers can mean that you’re not getting the best fit for you.

  • How we measure Waist:
    Rest your hand on your hip and bend towards the same side. The deepest wrinkle indicates your waist level, and is usually at or slightly above your belly button. Make sure that your measuring tape is level with the ground and is held snugly, but not pulled tight. Measure against the skin and do not suck-in for best results. Round to the nearest half inch.

3- A smaller size does not mean more slimming

Modern shapewear is designed to fit snugly and provide a variety of levels and control. Wearing a smaller size can cause discomfort, damage to your shaper, and many times just won’t fit. Stay true to your determined size. If you are looking for more compression, browse our selection of high compression shapers.

4- On the fence?

After determining your measurements & size and you seem to be placed on the border between two sizes, we recommend choosing the larger of the two sizes. Our garments are imported and have non-conventional size ranges, running small.

Fiorella Shapewear Size Chart for Latex Cinchers / Vests:

Size Chart Latex Fit
Our latex waist cincher / vest line run small, please make sure you follow this size chart to select your size accurately, if the mix of waist size/weight/height are off for you, please select size according to your WAIST MEASUREMENT, this is the most important measurement.

Fiorella Shapewear Size Chart for Shapewear:

Size Chart Shapewear

Fiorella Shapewear Size Chart for Leggings:

Size Chart Leggings Fit

Fiorella Shapewear Size Chart for Jeans:

Size Chart Jeans

Fiorella Shapewear Size Chart For Neo Sweat Line:

Latex Size Chart Fit
Our Neo Sweat line are true to size, please select size according to instructions in the product’s description, like for example using your tank top size as a reference.

If you have doubts about Fiorella’s Shapewear Shipping Policy you can always contact us by using our contact form or by calling us at 1-800-771-7390.